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My Current Lush Stash: November 2015

Lush Cosmetics Stash

Before I go into the collection of Lush products I've picked up to use during November, I just want to mention my most recent trip to Lush Spa Liverpool. I went with my friend Michala (who will probably be mentioned a lot in any of my Lush posts) to pick up a face mask to use during our PJ and pizza day. We got chatting to one of the members of staff, Kyle, about our favourite products and things generally.

As we got ready to leave, after a good fifteen-minute gab, he offered to wrap us up a massage bar as his "Act of Kindness" for the day, as we had been so nice. I was so thankful his kind gesture, that I honestly got a little overwhelmed. Michala let me choose, as she had just come into a whole bunch of stuff with it recently being her birthday, so I shyly picked Each Peach and Two's a Pair.

Lush Stash

Working in customer service myself, and being a decent human being, I try to never be rude to anyone in retail or customer service. I wouldn't say we did anything nice in particularly, just stood around and chatted for a bit, but he seemed to genuinely appreciate the time we took to chat to him. So, if you see this, thanks again Kyle (Spud)! To everyone else - give people in retail a break, and don't be a dick. They're there to make your life easier.

Golden Wonder (Top left)
I have to say, I wasn't too keen on Golden Wonder in store, but my friend Michala (an avid Lushie) told me I had to give it a go, so I trusted her judgement and bought one.  Containing sweet orange and lime oil, it smells very citrusy and is a nice pick-me-up for anyone suffering from the winter blues. The bomb itself is huge, making it great value for money. The blue centre, combined with the yellow shell made the water a lovely emerald green, and the swirls of golden lustre in the water made it feel very luxurious! I did find that there were a lot of little glitter deposits in the bottom of the bath, which was a bit difficult to clean, but that's literally the only negative thing I have to say about Golden Wonder.

The Comforter (Centre)
Michala has bugged me for months to try the Comforter, promising me that it's amazing, but I just never got around to it. When I was at the Liverpool Blogger Event, I was lucky enough to get a full size bar in my goodie bag. First of all, it smells absolutely incredible. The smell is very reminiscent of summer fruits, which takes me back to blackberry picking with my Nan in Pickering's Pasture. I only used a quarter of the bar, which is more than enough, and the water turned a gorgeous deep pink and engulfed me in a horde of bubbles. Using this has been the first time I've ever nearly fallen asleep in the bath. I guess they don't call it the Comforter for nothing!

Holly Golightly (Bottom left)
Holly Golightly was the one Christmas product I absolutely had to have. If I were to buy a bubble bar just for the way it looks, it would be this one. Lush have really gone all out to create the perfect Christmas bubble bath. The picture I have doesn't do it justice because I only decided to take it after using half of it for a bath, doh! The bar itself is huge, easily enough for four baths. I'm greedy with my bubble bars, so I ended up using half. The scent of this bar is my ideal Christmas scent. The patchouli and cinnamon oil is so warm and inviting, I felt like I was being wrapped in a toasty blanket of bubbles.  The water turned a vibrant green, with a thin layer of silver lustre. The glitter stayed on my skin for hours afterward, but was subtle enough that it caught the light very rarely.

I've already spoken about my love for Cup O' Coffee, and I'm running out rapidly! I need to pick this up again sharpish.

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream
If I were to smell like anything for the rest of my life, it would be the Lord of Misrule shower cream. I tend to use this first thing in the morning, and I catch a whiff of it every now and again throughout the day. The combination of patchouli and black pepper is unexpectedly divine. The vanilla adds a certain creaminess to the scent, perfect for when you don't have the time for a long bath, but don't want to skimp on the luxury. It doesn't particularly foam, so it is easy to be accidentally generous with your helping, but a little bit really does go a long way. I am definitely going back before the end of the year to stock up on several huge bottles.

Bar Humbug (Middle Right)
Bar Humbug is a bubble bar that smells like liquorice. As far as Christmas products go, this isn't one that I would've thought would be suitable for Christmas. For me, besides the name, this seems like it would be more at home in the Easter collection. Visually, it's pretty stunning. The water turns a lively purple, with a subtle hint of silver lustre. I did find that the smell dissipated very quickly, which was very disappointing. I do love the smell of the product, but I probably wouldn't purchase this again, because it didn't impress me as much as some of the other bubble bars.

Razzle Dazzle (Top right, underneath Intergalactic)
As far as appearances go, I was very underwhelmed. For a product the size of a large bon bon, Razzle Dazzle made a hell of a mess in my bag. The oil permeated the little paper bag and got on everything. I expected it, with it being a bath oil, but was unprepared for just how much mess it made! The smell was something I wouldn't usually go for - raspberry and lime - but nonetheless, I'm not one to waste money on something I'll never use (from Lush, I mean. My flat is full of useless tat that I just HAD TO HAVE) so I gave it a go anyway. It took a little while to dissolve and gathered around one end of the bath, so make sure you get in there and mix it around a bit. DO NOT TOUCH IT WHILE IT'S DOING ITS THING. Seriously though, I picked it up while it was dissolving, and it stained my hands for a few days. So for the love of God, don't touch it! Out of all the bath products I've had from Lush, this is the one that has made the most noticeable difference in my skin. When I got out of the bath, I was deliciously smoothy smooth. I would definitely recommend this for someone that has particularly dry skin or wants to nourish their skin during the punishing winter weather.

I bought a couple of the small Charity Pots during the Liverpool Blogger Event. I like donating to charity, and I love Lush, so it just made sense. However, no matter how many times I use it, I really just can't bring myself to like it! I'm not a fan of rose scented products, and the most prevailing scent I pick up on from this moisturiser is the rose.  If it smelled more of the Moringa Oil and Shea Butter that it contains, it would be a no brainer. Next time, I would rather just make a donation, and leave the product for someone else that loves it.

Intergalactic (Top right)
Intergalactic is my all-time favourite bath bomb. I know that's a bold statement to make, considering it's quite new to the permanent range, and Lush has so many different amazing bath products, but this one really does it for me. I picked up my first Intergalactic bomb in Florence, so whenever I smell this, it just takes me back to sitting in a bar by Palazzo Vecchio and drinking red wine. The generous helping of peppermint oil means that as soon as the bath bomb hits the water, it spews trails of vivid blue, minty water. As it dissolves, the layers of colour become apparent, swirling around like tiny little galaxies in your bath. The golden lustre and popping candy add to the magnificent display from what is, in my opinion, the best product to come from the Oxford Street collection. This bath bomb is an all rounder for anyone that loves mint scented products, and perfect for a summertime bath, as it leaves you feeling tingly, cool and refreshed.

Candy Mountain (Top middle)
Candy Mountain is another Christmas product and smells just like the Creamy Candy. Creamy Candy was the first bubble bar I ever got from Lush, so this brought me back to a time before I spent most of my time talking about Lush! It isn't as large as some of the other bubble bars, and a little difficult to cut, so I just cut it in half and went on my way. I had seen on Instagram that a lot of people were using sieves under their taps in a bid to get as many bubbles as possible, so I thought I'd try this with Candy Mountain. Holy hell, there were so many bubbles I left the bathroom for a minute, and the bath had almost overflowed. The smell lingered for quite a while, but was not as overwhelming as it hit the water. For me, this bubble bar is a firm favourite and I will definitely be stocking up before the end of the Christmas season.

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  1. Intergalactic is my favourite too! I got it from Oxford Street and I've been hooked ever since! I love that you're greedy with your bubble bars because I'm the opposite! I'm so stingy cos I want to make them last as long as possible! Going to try and do the sieve trick too! :) x