Friday, 26 February 2016

2016 Goals: How I'm Getting On

It has been a hectic two months, so I thought it’d be nice for a little check in to see how I’m doing with my 2016 goals!

Pay off at least one of my debts
I’ve been doing okay with this one. I had a fairly decent pay from work, due to a number of issues with salary from last year, so I had the opportunity to pay a bit more towards things than I would normally. Still not completely finished, but it’s gonna be a while yet.

Cook more
The whole of January was pretty much shot to shit with this. However, a few things have recently come to light which has forced me to change my whole routine, and I’m very slowly getting to grips with cooking dinner like a normal person, rather than relying on a microwave meal from Tesco.

Be more organised
I bought a new set of drawers to organise all the bath and beauty products I’ve amassed over the past six months. I had a clear out of stuff I don’t use or has gone off. Other than that, I’ve been carrying my diary and a notebook for whenever inspiration should strike, I've and been writing posts in advance and scheduling them, and I’ve been using my phone to set reminders to take my new medication, which is such a pain in the ass. I also got myself a cute pill holder so I don’t have to carry around a huge box or a sheet of pills and risk losing them. 

Take care of myself
I’ve been very open about the fact I have an on-going issue with an ovarian cyst and a recent diagnosis of PCOS. I’m also going to a weight loss support clinic with my GP, and what is probably going to be a long and arduous process of taking my control back, and potentially being diagnosed with other issues that I’m not ready to speak out about just yet. It’s so exhausting, but I know it won’t be like this for much longer! I haven’t had a chance to take up any new hobbies, but I’ve been trying to put a long more effort into blogging and planning, so we’ll see how that pans out!

I’m doing better than I thought I was, actually! Are you all sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions?

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