Thursday, 31 March 2016

Review: Rack & Dollar

The Rack and Dollar Liverpool Logo

On Easter Sunday, Dave and I weren’t feeling the whole ‘stay home and have a massive roast’ vibe, so we spent the day in Liverpool City Centre. After having a massive brunch at The Baltic Social (where I broke a tooth on a hash brown), we ambled back into town and passed Rack and Dollar. It started absolutely lashing it down, and we’d never been before, so we decided to seek shelter there.

We walked in and the place was empty. We were greeted straight away by a lovely waitress, who asked if we were eating or just coming for drinks. Obviously, after brunch I didn’t even want to look at any food, so we got our drinks at the bar and sat down. There’s a raised seating area for people getting food, and all around are huge, comfy Chesterfield-esque couches and chairs. The TVs around played either Sky Sports News or WWE. Looking around, the shutters were spray painted as American Flags, there were giant eagles dotted around, and the wall near the entrance had framed mug shots of famous actors and musicians.

The Rack and Dollar bar interior

Wall of Fame in Rack and Dollar

The Rack and Dollar does play heavily on the theme of ‘American Sports Bar’, and to be fair it doesn’t really miss the mark. I would probably have held off on so many eagles, but to each their own, I guess. The menu was full of what you’d expect from a sports bar – burgers, wings, nachos. They do also do desserts, breakfast, and milkshakes (which look divine). I don’t know if they still do it, but I know they used to do a “Build your own burger”, where you could choose all your toppings, protein, bun and even name the burger! I didn’t try the food, so I couldn’t really comment, but I’ll probably go back to do so eventually. The back of the menu showed their weekly offers. Two cocktails for £10, and 3 small plates for £10 all day every Friday sounds boss! They also give 20% off to NUS card holders, and considering it's right in the middle of a bunch of student accommodation, I imagine this is frequented mostly by students.

Rack and Dollar bar interior
Seating area for diners

Rack and Dollar bar

One weird thing I’d say is that the toilets were amazing! The walls are made of stone, and the toilet cubicles have exposed brick walls with little quotes painted on the back of the doors. I didn’t stick around for long, because I’m not a weirdo, but they were lovely. Not like your usual sports bar hovel.

Dave is a pool nut, so it was pretty a given that we’d have a go on the pool tables. There's a separate room full of pool tables, and it was nice that they weren't just plunked in the middle of the place like they are normally. The other room also had a separate bar (obviously not in use because the place was so quiet), but it was nice to see that you still had a chance to get a drink fairly quickly even if the place was packed. I had a can of grape soda while we played, which was wildly overpriced at £2.50 considering you can get in shops for like 30p, but whatever.

All in all, I'd definitely go again, likely to try the food! It would be interesting to see what the place is like at night, because I'd much rather go to somewhere like this during the day, when it's fairly quiet and relaxed. If American themed bars are your jam, then this place is definitely one for you to visit!

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