Friday, 22 April 2016

My Five Favourite Snapchatters

I would consider myself a little bit of newbie to Snapchat. In a bid to get used to it, I've been checking it religiously throughout the day, when I get up, and before I go to bed. In that time I've amassed a catalogue of favourites, and here are my top 5:

1. Frankie Greek (@wtfrankie)
Frankie works for Uproxx and has quite often hosts Snapchat takeovers for different brands. I unashamedly love her. She's so funny, and I love watching her daily updates, particularly in the run-up to the Shorty Awards and when she blinged out a cactus. You need to watch her, so go now.

2. David Infante (@dinfontay)
Dave is a writer for Thrillist, and all round boss ass Uncle Dad. I've been watching his daily Commutecast for a fair few months now. It's intriguing how a series of nine second videos can almost make you feel like you know a person that lives thousands of miles away.  He also wrote a piece for The Guardian about his struggle with depression and anxiety, which was a very inspiring read. He also snapped me back once. 

3. MannyMUA (@mannymua)
Manny is a popular YouTube beauty vlogger. He does all kinds of tutorials, my favourites being the One Brand Tutorials, reviews and vlogs of all kinds of shenanigans. On Snapchat, Manny vlogs events, day to day activities, and gives all kinds of sneak peeks of new products and tutorials. He's also freaking hilarious.

4. Mike Platco (@MPLATCO)
Mike Platco is a 'snapchat' artist. He's recreated a number of movies on Snapchat, with my personal favourite being his take on Home Alone. He creates incredible pieces of art on both Snapchat and Instagram Stories, so I would highly recommend checking him out.

5. We Rate Dogs (@weratedogs)
If you are a dog lover, or just after a daily dose of cute, you need to follow We Rate Dogs. My friend Danielle introduced me to them, and I can't stop replaying the little golden retriever cuties.

Do you have any favourite Snapchatters I should know about? My Snapchat is @SabreBeauty - Snap me!

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