Sunday, 5 June 2016

Epistick Hair Removal Review

Epistick on white background

Have you ever heard of an epilator? Well if you haven’t, episticks and epilators have the same purpose – to remove unwanted hair.

Most women (or men) will have struggled with unwanted facial hair in their lives. I’m not buying that I’m the only one. One of the more annoying effects of PCOS is unwanted hair. Everywhere. It can be fairly difficult to keep at bay, and I’ve tried a bunch of different ways to deal with it, some more painful than others. Upon speaking to a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless), she recommended that I try an “epistick”. She found one on Amazon for ridiculously cheap and pushed me to go for it, promising me the world. I’m pretty much at my wit's end dealing with hair, so I figured – why the hell not. It couldn’t be any worse than the time I accidentally nearly waxed my fucking top lip off, leaving me with a scab moustache. Not pleasant, and definitely not something I wanted to repeat.

It took AGES to arrive. By the time it had arrived, three weeks later, I’d forgotten I’d even ordered it! I was so excited to try it, I ripped open the packaging and promptly right through the instructions. That didn’t matter though, because after I started piecing them back together, I found none of the instructions were in English. There were some diagrams, but they were next to useless, so I took to YouTube to try to find some instructional videos. As always, YouTube saved my life. Once I had a few practice runs, and I had the technique nailed, I had a go on my face.

It works. It definitely does work, but goddamn that shit hurts.

As you’d imagine, ripping a bunch of hairs out of any part of your body at the same time hurts like shit. The way you use the epistick is you bend it into a little downwards U shape, and roll the little handles outwards. All the little hairs get trapped in the coil and are ripped out when you turn it. Yeah, it’s just a coil that rips out your hair. It’s definitely less time-consuming than plucking, but you can’t really use it in awkward places, like your eyebrows. If you did, you’d probably rip out most of your eyebrow, because the epistick doesn't discriminate and pulls out everything it touches. I’ve been told that the more you use it, the less it hurts, but that’s a lie. A bare-faced lie.

Considering how cheap it was, the length of time it has taken for any of my hair to actually come back, and how it’s probably a better option than shaving your face, I’d definitely recommend this. This product is not for the faint of heart, so don’t bother ordering if you don’t have a high pain threshold.

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  1. Well this seems like something i am NEVER getting haha! Even tweezers make me tear up! I think i will stick to waxing; quick and easy pain