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VIP Lush Event: Halloween Launch and Spa Tour

Lush Halloween bath bomb collection

In honour of the launch of Lush's Halloween range, on August 22nd I had one of my dreams come true. I, along with a bunch of other bloggers, was given free roam around Lush after closing. I'm really coming around to the idea of lock-ins in stores! 

I met up with  Danielle,  Sarah,  Katy,  Sam,  Hollie and a whole bunch of bloggers beforehand. I think Lush didn't realise just how many people loved them because there were a whole lot of us! On arrival, we were given a bag full of empty sample pots, and told to basically help ourselves! It took everything in my power to not grab myself a Monsters' Ball from the Halloween range, which is definitely one of my favourites, only coming second to Lord of Misrule. We were told there were five different stations set up, but I made a beeline for the Halloween stuff.

Monsters Ball bath bomb Lush Cosmetics
Monsters' Ball

Boo bath melt Lush cosmetics
Boo bath melt

Sparkly Pumpkin Lush Cosmetics
Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar

Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb Lush Cosmetics
Autumn Leaf

Pumpkin Bath Bomb Lush Cosmetics
I absolutely LOVED Pumpkin and Monsters' Ball. They're both very worth additions to the Halloween range

Lord of Misrule bath bomb during use
My beloved Lord of Misrule in action!
After ogling the Halloween range for what felt like an eternity, I made sure I was one of the first to make my own Comforter! All of Lush's products are handmade and packed, and the thought of someone sculpting bubble bars all day used to fill me with jealousy. After trying to put my own together, I won't worry about that too much. It was so hard, once was enough for me!

Miniature Comforter bubble bar being handmade by Katy Gilroy
Katy's glorious handmade bubble bar

Besides bath bombs and bubble bars, Lush also have a really extensive skincare range. I'm no stranger to Lush's skincare, but I loved seeing people that wouldn't necessarily have thought about going there for skincare discover the range. I currently have an almost full pot of Cup O' Coffee, but I couldn't resist picking up a sample of Don't Look at Me and Brazened Honey. The staff are always so knowledgeable and friendly, so no question is off limits. Chances are they know exactly what products are suited best to your skin, and they'll probably change your life.

View of skincare range by Lush Cosmetics in Liverpool

View of face masks available at Lush Cosmetics Liverpool

A bowl of Don't Look at Me face mask by Lush Cosmetics

Various shampoos by Lush Cosmetics on a shelf

Us bloggers were all split up into groups for tours of the spa upstairs. I've heard of the mythical Lush Spa before, but I've never had the pleasure of actually having a treatment there.

Lush Spa Liverpool

I don't want to give away too much about the spa because I think everyone should experience it for themselves. It's absolutely fucking incredible. It's modelled from a traditional English cottage and has a number of rooms dedicated to different treatments. I'm determined to get myself a Validation Facial before the end of the year, which was a treatment that really stuck out for me. The whole point behind the Validation Facial is to make you happy, and comfortable in your skin. We were told that they never ask what you don't like about your skin but instead focus on how you want to feel afterwards. Also, the initial consultation, and time afterwards isn't included in the treatment time. So you really do get the full hour of treatment!

Lush Spa Liverpool

My favourite room was the Tales of Bath. I mean, look at how gorgeous it is! A light show with relaxing waves plays as you get a soothing bath in probably the biggest bath I've ever seen. You also get to experience a full body massage after 20 minutes of bathing indulgence.

Bathtub in Tales of Bath by Lush Cosmetics
Tales of Bath

Lush were incredibly generous with their samples pots, and I ended up with a LOAD of skincare samples to try! I picked up:

  • D'Fluff shaving soap
  • Celestial moisturiser
  • Kalamazoo bear and facial wash
  • Ultrabland cleanser
  • Dark Angels cleanser
  • Full of Grace serum bar (full size)
  • Don't Look At Me fresh face mask
  • The Comforter shower gel
  • Hair Custard
  • Brazened Honey

In addition to those, I obviously got to take away the mini Comforter bubble bar that I made, and they gave us a full-size Sparkly Pumpkin! If there's any that I particularly love, I'll definitely come back to you and let you know because I'll be buying a full-sized version of my favourite samples.

Thank you SO much to the staff in Lush Liverpool. You are always an absolute delight, and I really enjoyed spending an evening with you all! Let's do it again soon!

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