Thursday, 27 October 2016

Favourite Autumn Lip Colours

Various lipsticks for autumn on a white wooden background.

With the darker nights, I love bringing a dark influence into my makeup during autumn/winter. The seasons generally don't dictate my style, and I'll quite happily wear a grey lip in the height of July, but I'm much more confident in my makeup during the winter because it probably won't melt off of my face with the heat.

(From top to bottom)

NYX Liquid Suede - Stone Fox
Stone Fox is a gorgeous blue toned grey. It's long lasting and gives great coverage with just one swipe of product. It has a matte finish, but it doesn't dry down completely and remains a little tacky on your lips. That doesn't bother me too much, but if you prefer to have a liquid lipstick that feels like you aren't wearing anything, this isn't for you.

MAC - Dita Von Teese
I am OBSESSED with Dita Von Teese, so I absolutely made sure I got my hands on the limited edition lipstick she released with MAC back in December 2015. As you'd expect with Dita's signature style, I think this definitely goes well with a cooler skin tone. This lipstick does run a little dry though, so make sure you prep your lips well before applying!

MAC - Stone
Stone is another matte lipstick from MAC. It's a gorgeous grey-brown that is so 90s, it almost doesn't look right without a plastic choker. Seriously though, it can be dressed down as a daytime nude, or layered up as a grunge influence in any outfit.

PS... Super Matte - Shade 03
No official shade name for this one, but this is my first delve into the world of beauty by Primark. I was genuinely very surprised by the quality of this liquid lipstick. The applicator is fab, making a very easy and precise application. The pigment is great and holds up with little to no transfer. It does dry down completely matte but does feel a little tacky on the lips for the rest of the day. For £2 it's definitely a great little addition to anyone's make-up bag.

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  1. Fab choices, I can imagine these all look amazing on you too. xx