Sunday, 6 November 2016

5 Reasons to Donate Blood

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I've never really been scared of needles the way a lot of people are. I mean, I don't like watching them take blood or piercing anything, but the thought of it doesn't frighten me. Maybe that's why I find it a lot easier to donate blood than most. I thought I'd write this post as a way to encourage and educate on the process of giving blood.

Donating blood is amazing. Don't get me wrong, it isn't for everyone and that is absolutely fine. Maybe you are terrified of needles, or you have a health condition that prevents you from donating. I'm not here to lecture or shame you, but if you are interested in giving blood and just haven't gotten around to it yet, here are five simple reasons you should book your appointment today.

1. It's super easy and painless.
On average, after filling out the paperwork and having my iron levels tested (which is the worst part of it in my eyes), it takes me about ten minutes to donate a full bag. The nurses in my local donation centre are lovely, and make sure that I'm not in there any longer than I need to be. They make sure everyone is comfortable, and are reassuring to anyone who is a little nervous. If you're nervous about donating for the first time, you're not the first person! They've seen it all, and they're absolute pros.

2. People need blood every day.
Taken from

How blood was used in 2014, according to hospital usage:
  • 67% was used to treat medical conditions including anaemia, cancer and blood disorders
  • 27% was used in surgery, including cardiac surgery and emergency surgery
  • 6% was used to treat blood loss after childbirth
I can't even imagine being in a situation where I needed a blood transfusion. The NHS have recently started sending text messages to let you know when and where your donation has been used, and I find that to be an amazing touch. I got so emotional when I got a message to say that my donation had been used in Westmoreland General Hospital in Morecambe, and I couldn't help but think about the people needing it. What were they going through? It was incredible to think that only ten minutes of my time was helping them out in potentially their darkest hour.

3. Your body makes more blood than you need
Your body makes almost Two Million new red blood cells a second. So damn girl, share them!

4. You get a free biscuit
Do I really need to say more? If you're really lucky, sometimes they even have mini cheddars! Seriously though, don't forget to sit down for a few minutes and have a glass of water after you donate. 

5. You're doing something amazing
Blood is an incredible gift to give - the gift of life. Your donation could be the difference between life and death for someone. Your choice to donate could save a life.

If you want to register as a blood donor in the U.K. either call 0330 123 23 23, visit or pop in to your local donation centre!

Have you ever donated blood? Tell me about your experiences!

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