Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas in Manchester

Beaded Santa at Manchester Christmas Market
One of my favourite things to do around Christmas is visit Christmas Markets. It’s pretty much a yearly tradition for Dave and me to go visit our friends Ian and Rach in Manchester and spend the day drinking, eating and walking around the City Centre for the Christmas Markets.

I romanticise the markets a lot, I think. I really enjoy them a lot of the time, but I always forget how busy it gets, and how much I absolutely fucking hate crowds. On the first weekend that the markets were open this year, we took to the streets in search of a festive fun day. Check out some of the photos below!

Moroccan Lanterns at Manchester Christmas Markets

Moroccan Lanterns at Manchester Christmas Markets

Hot Chocolates at Manchester Christmas Markets

The German markets that pop up in Manchester in December are somewhat of a national tourist attraction. These markets, the largest collection of Christmas stalls outside of London, trawl through the City Centre, with the main parts housed in Albert Square. Here they have an array of stalls, from macaroons to wooden carvings, hog roasts to hot chocolates, and even a two-storey bar where you can rest your shopped out feet with a nice glass of mulled wine. 

Chocolate covered marshmallows and fruits at Manchester Christmas Markets

Definitely don't miss the singing moose. This thing is terrifying.

If you get a chance before Christmas, definitely get yourself down to the Manchester Markets. It's always a fun day out, and you'll be faced with so many treats you won't even know what hit you!

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