Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas on a Budget

Christmas damn near bankrupts me almost every year. In an attempt to be better with my money, I've been a bit savvier this year and budgeted quite well. I thought I'd share some tips I found really helpful during the Christmas period.

Start early
Well, this is probably a few months too late for that to be honest. There's always next year though! I always aim to start planning Christmas presents in September/October, which is beyond stressful. Starting early means you can hit early season sales, and spread presents out over several paydays. I managed to get the majority of my shopping done in November, which has been a MASSIVE weight lifted because I can just get a few bits in December and be done with it.

Shop online
It’s a lot easier to shop around online, so you’ll probably find a decent bargain. One item in Argos might be half the price on Amazon! If you’re shopping online, you’re less likely to be taken in by lovely Christmas displays, which are nice and all, but do you really need that random notebook with Rudolph on it, just because it’s there? DO YOU? Close the browser you're using to shop and take twenty minutes before you make that impulse purchase. Sometimes twenty minutes is enough to make you see sense and give it a second thought.

Sign up to mailing lists
If you’re buying clothing or beauty products in particular, a lot of websites have some great discounts for first-time buyers, or if you sign up to their mailing list. Once you’ve ordered, there’s nothing stopping you unsubscribing, or maybe you’ll have found your new favourite site. Who knows?

Use points cards
We all know that Boots do some pretty amazing Star Gifts and a cracking 3 for 2 deal on the approach to Christmas. Save your Advantage points and grab yourself a few sets for gifts. Maybe a Lynx set for that Cousin you never really see, or a Ted Baker set for your office Secret Santa. Two birds in one sale, so to speak.

Do you have any money tips for around Christmas? Let me know!

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