Friday, 9 December 2016

Where the Hell Have I Been?

In case you hadn't noticed, I'd taken a bit of a 'leave of absence' from blogging for quite a few weeks, and I thought I'd update you as to why. Well, it's only been three weeks, but it feels like it's been quite a lot longer.

If you've read my blog for a while, or you know me personally, you'll know I'd been waiting for surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. It was all scheduled in for January 25th 2017, but of course, my uterus had other plans. 

On 20th November, I woke up around 7am for work, and I was so dizzy I could barely stand. I was incredibly nauseous and shivery. I got into work for 8am and tried powering through for about an hour or so. I ended up calling 111, and they advised me that it was a good idea to get to the Liverpool Women's Hospital and try to see my Consultant. After a bit of fannying around and delaying the inevitable (with plenty of panicked tears), Dave took me to the Women's Hospital. We waited for almost three hours before we were seen, and they decided to keep me in overnight so they could rush an ultrasound through. The Doctor thought it was likely that either my cyst has twisted, or had developed an abscess. I got myself settled in the ward around 3.30pm, while Dave went back and got me some actual PJs and other bits. They helped me get the pain and nausea under control, and I spent most of my time watching Tipping Point and The Chase. 

Luckily, a few nights before this, I had started packing a bag for when I actually went in for surgery in January. The Consultant was always very clear in saying that it was likely that it could twist, or develop complications, so it turns out I was right in being at least a tiny bit prepared!

The next day, I waited for an ultrasound. I waited, and waited, and waited. When it got to about 5pm, they told me I wasn't going to get one until the next day (Tuesday). 

When I FINALLY had my ultrasound on Tuesday, the Doctor didn't come to see me until the Wednesday. He told me that it had gotten to a massive 18cm (roughly the size of a football) and that the surgery couldn't wait - they were going to do it tonight. The pressure in my abdomen was causing unrelenting nausea, excruciating pain, and the urge to pee literally every 10 minutes.

Fresh out of surgery!

They took me down to surgery around 6.30pm, and I was back on the ward by 8.30pm. I'll spare you a lot of the details of how worked up I was, and the graphic details of the surgery, but it was the absolute best case scenario in every way possible. It was all done via laparoscopy (keyhole surgery), even though they were convinced that they'd have to cut me right open, so to speak. The surgeon drained a massive 2 LITRES of fluid and managed to save all of my right ovary. He said the fallopian tube was stretched right the way across and was wrapped around the cyst, so will take some time to shrink back, but nothing was irreversibly damaged, thankfully! I was discharged on Thursday 24th November, and I've been recovering ever since! I met some lovely women on the ward (and had a couple of frights, waking up at 3am with a lady with dementia staring at me at the foot of my bed), but I was made up to get out of there! My only regret is that I left the adjustable bed behind. That thing was comfy as fuck!

I'm honestly overwhelmingly grateful for all the care I received at the Women's Hospital. The Nurses were all fabulous, and nothing was too much to ask. The Surgeon and the Anaesthetist, Dr MacDonald and Alan, were so kind and reassuring. I also want to thank my family for the time they took to run around and get me PJs and undies when I needed them, and for visiting me. My parents drove from Widnes just to bring me some headphones so I didn't go mental! Dave has also been incredible, and so patient and helpful during my recovery. Before I close off my rambling, I really want to thank Danielle for being a rock during the whole situation. I called on her an excessive amount of times, she dropped everything to come visit me, and was always there to make sure I was as informed as possible at all times and answered any questions I was too shy to ask any of the Nurses or Doctors. I can't thank you enough, you've been absolutely amazing.

I've been filming a surgery recovery vlog, so that'll be online in the coming weeks if you're interested! If you've had any similar experiences, or you're worried about something that sounds similar, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always happy to help!

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  1. I keep saying this, but through every step of this experience you were so, so selfless, kind and calm! I'm so glad that you can put it behind you and move forward with your reproductive system all sexy and healthy!