Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Quenching My Skin's Thirst with Clarins

Have you ever had one of those eureka moments?

You know, one of those moments where you finally find something that your skin really responds to and you just think: "Holy shit, I need to buy every single product this company makes." That was me back in December. After my treatment at Clarins around Christmas, I decided that I really wanted to try and work on taking care of my skin. I've spent quite a lot of time trying different brands, and various products but I couldn't ever find something that worked well with my skin. 

To give you a bit of background, my skin is dry as fuck. It never used to be, but I suddenly hit 25 and all of a sudden my skin decides to change things up and I have to rebuy all of my skincare! I get weird patches of dry skin on my nose and eyebrows, and I'd literally never used any kind of serum or intense moisturisers before.

After sitting down with a therapist at Clarins, and telling her that I thought my skin was a little dry, she took her time to try and find something that could help me. Now, I am under no illusions that therapists employed by brands are trained to sell their own products. I totally get that. Of course, she was going to recommend a range of Clarins products to me, that's literally what she is hired to do. I've been sold skincare sets before with little to no consultation before (I'm looking at you, Liz Earle) so I was fairly sceptical as to how genuine her recommendation may have been at first. It was a pleasant surprise when she offered samples of everything that she recommended, rather than pushing full sized products. I took two weeks worth of samples and went on my way. The samples I took away were: Pure Melt Cleansing Gel, Extra Comfort Toning Lotion, Double Serum and HydraQuench Lotion.

I used up my samples just over two weeks later, and I was hell bent on restocking. The difference in my skin was insane! With my skin thirsty for more, I went back to Clarins Skin Spa and bought the HydraQuench Christmas gift set (containing HydraQuench Cream, Bi-Phase Serum and Cream Mask), Pure Melt Cleansing Gel, Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion, and Gentle Refiner

Something I wanted to address, that I had only noticed after I had already bought the product, was that the Gentle Refiner contains microbeads. Obviously disappointed, I set to trying to find out if they were plastic microbeads or not. I couldn't get a straight answer from any websites, so I reached out to Clarins, and I got this reply:

"As a leading cosmetic house, Clarins Group greatly values its image as being a leader in social responsibility and continues to work tirelessly to offer the best products in terms of safety and efficacy for our customers, together with the sustainability for our planet and our environment. Following the concerns raised regarding the usage of plastic micro-beads in cosmetic products for their exfoliating properties, Clarins Group was amongst the first to cease manufacturing products containing this ingredient in December 2014.

Clarins Group research found an alternative substitute to this ingredient with components that are more respectful to the environment. The new ingredient is Cellulose which is extracted from tree bark and is 100% natural. This new ingredient is equally as efficient, perfectly tolerated and maintains Clarins Group stringent quality and safety requirements."

I've been using these products solidly for the last three months, and I absolutely adore them. I normally get weird dry patches around my eyebrows and nose, and since using the HydraQuench Serum and Cream, these haven't reared their ugly head in quite a while. The only thing I'm not completely keen on is the Gentle Refiner. I find it to be a tad too harsh for my skin, and I don't have particularly sensitive skin. 

The Pure Melt Gel melts down into an oil when applied straight to damp skin, and I'm not a huge fan of the way this feels. When you mix it with water, it turns into a milk, so I tend to mix a small amount of the cleanser with the toning lotion when I use it. It might seem to be a bit of a waste of product, but I like the way this works for me. One thing I will note is that my skin got hella worse before it got better. I'm aware that's generally the case with most skincare ranges since your skin has to adjust to the new products, but the cleanser seemed to pull literally every blemish I've ever had out. I mean, I guess that's a good thing, but I don't look great in a balaclava, which is all I wanted to wear for at least the first five days.

Clarins have a massive range of products to suit all skin types, and if you're looking to target any problem areas, or even switch up your routine, I'd highly recommend visiting your local Clarins counter or Skin Spa. They've done me wonders! They've literally just launched a new Hydra-Essentiel range which seems to have replaced the HydraQuench, but if HydraQuench is anything to go by, they're on to a winner!

Have you ever used anything by Clarins before? What did you think?

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