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6 Reasons Liverpool is the Greatest

Reasons Liverpool is the Greatest

I moved to Liverpool in 2010 for University, and I've never looked back. I love Liverpool. 

When I was contacted to help celebrate the beauty of the North, I jumped at the chance, and what better way to celebrate the North than to talk about the things that make Liverpool great. 

6 Reasons Liverpool is the Greatest

The Nightlife

Let’s face it, a night out in Liverpool is like nothing else. The nightlife is always bouncing, no matter the time of the week. Filled with students flocking from near and far, hen parties and stag dos, you’ll always have a story to tell after a night out in Liverpool. You could argue that Liverpool’s the epitome of cool currently, with new bars and clubs popping up every week. If a fast paced night out isn’t your scene, then there are always pubs to cater for everyone, filled to the brim with friendly faces and chit-chat.

Be at One Liverpool bar


If you ever meet anyone on holiday outside of the UK and tell them you’re from Liverpool, they’re definitely going to ask you what you think of the Beatles. I mean, that’s just a given. Yes, The Beatles set the bar for the Liverpool music scene but they’re not the only band to ever come out of Liverpool. Whether you’re listening to ‘Ferry Cross the Mersey’ boom out of the ferry on its hourly venture, or you’re enjoying an energetic set from newly formed bands like Thunder and the Giants, Liverpool’s influence on music is never far away. I mean, we’ve got our own festival that’s hosted the likes of Basement Jaxx in 2015, and if that doesn’t prove we’re boss then I don’t know what will.

Thunder and the Giants
Thunder and the Giants - Soz about the Snapchat quality!

Independent Liverpool

Liverpool is full to the brim of independent shops and restaurants. So much so that there's a whole website devoted to them. Most recently opened is Liverpool's first healthy living department store, LIV. If you're mid 'where-do-you-want-to-eat-no-you-choose' spat with your partner, Liverpool's got your back. New restaurants are constantly opening, rubbing shoulders with notable favourites. Liverpool's got a food for every mood.

The Culture

Liverpool has so much history, if I spent even a fraction of the time I should talking about it, we'd be here forever. Instead of taking my word for it, get yourself to the Museum of Liverpool. Take a day and lose yourself in the Maritime Museum, the Tate Gallery, the World Museum - honestly there's just so much to choose from.

The People

I'm totally biased here, but people in Liverpool are the greatest. On a night out and your heels are killing you? You bet your ass there's a girl close by with gel pads and plasters. Dancing by yourself? Not for long, no-one in Liverpool's having that. Lost on your way to the passport office? Stop almost anyone and they'll make sure you get there safely. It's a kindness that a lot of people take for granted, but scousers really put the rest of the country to shame with their warmth.

The Views

Well, let's be honest. Where else would you get a stunning city view like this?

Reasons Liverpool is the Greatest

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