Tuesday, 2 May 2017

2017 Goals: Checking In

We're five months in, and 2017 is a year of ups and downs for me so far.

I've had the highs of wonderful times like CarnLIVal and being discharged from my CBT, and the lows of a painful loss in the family. Just like 2016, I set goals for this year and I thought I'd share how I've been doing with you all.

Be smarter with money

I'm actually not doing too badly with this. I'm managing payments and my budgeting skills are on the up and up. I'm constantly working to keep an eye on how much I'm spending, and I'm conscious of not just wasting money on nothing.

Continue on the path of recovery

I'm proudest of how I've done with this so far. Although it's difficult every day, my head is firmly above water. I'm doing more things to keep myself occupied, I'm finding it increasingly easier to discuss my emotions without exploding, and I've completed my treatment for Bulimia. I've only had two full blown panic attacks since the end of February, which is a huge success in itself for me!

Improve my photography

I'm still working on this, and trying to find new ways every day to improve. I play with my camera every day for about an hour or so, just familiarize myself with the settings. The camera I have now is a Sony Cybershot HX80, so it's not exactly a fancy DSLR, but I figure there's no point spending £400 on my dream Canon when I have no fucking clue how to use it properly.

Get more into YouTube

I'm not sure if YouTube is for me, to be quite honest. Although I love filming, I finding editing fills me with a rage I have never known before. I find it so tedious and frustrating. I'm sure most creators feel the same, but I don't know if my passion for filming trumps my anger at the editing process. If I can hone my editing skills, and find a way to calm my inner rage, then maybe I'll figure something out.

Hold myself accountable

I'm more organised and responsible now than ever. I don't have thousands of thoughts just swirling around in my head because I've gotten better at writing them down and keeping track of things I have to do. I'm owning my choices (and mistakes) and getting on with everything!

Do you have any goals you've set yourself? How are you doing with them?

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