Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Frisky Friday: £1 Sex Toys

In the words of my goddess Sia, I love cheap thrills.

I've been aware of the fact that Poundland sold bullets for quite a while now, but it never really crossed my mind to pick one up to try. I've always been a little dubious of things that I buy from Poundland. Like, can I really trust condoms that I buy from Poundland? Is that shampoo a knock off and going to make my hair fall out? Is a bullet going to burn my clit off? On a shopping trip with Dan, I decided to bite the bullet and pick one up. Surprisingly, they also stock vibrating cock rings, so I figured I may as well pick one of those up too. 

Poundland Sex Toys
Both the bullet and the vibrating ring come in sealed pouches inside the box, so you don't have to worry about grubby little mitts getting all over it before you've had a chance to use it. 

Poundland Sex Toys

The vibrating ring is pink and is incredibly stretchy. It reminds me of those little jelly hand things that you'd have as a kid. You know the ones that you'd throw and they'd stick to a wall? It stretches far enough to fit around my wrist, as an uncomfortable and kind of snazzy bracelet, so I'd imagine this could work for most sizes. It's a 'single use' vibrating ring that runs for up to 25 minutes. It explains this in the instructions that come with it, but honestly, they're written in the tiniest font in the world so don't bother. Luckily, using it is pretty straightforward. Just flick the little switch on the side and get to work.

Poundland Sex Toys

The bullet is a fairly standard 5 inches and made of plastic. It needs an AA battery so unlike the vibrating ring, you can use this more than once or twice. You twist the bottom of the bullet to change the batteries, and to turn the bullet on and off.

It's fairly loud, but considering it's £1 and made of plastic, I didn't really expect anything less. It's definitely not as loud as the bullet on the Fantasy Bliss Desire Drill, but it isn't by any means quiet. The bullet offers a consistent and fairly powerful vibration.

Considering these were literally only £1 each, and you can get similar toys in places like Ann Summers for at least 10 times the price, these get a solid 5/5 from me. If you're local to a Poundland and looking to get off for £1 then look no further.


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  2. I think seeing toys in more high street shops breaks down a bit of a barrier- imagine if it was normal to see Rampant Rabbits down the kettle aisle at ASDA? It makes them really accessible and normalises masturbation and sexual pleasure. Good on ya, poundland!