Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Body Shop, Liverpool One: New Product Launch *

The Body Shop Liverpool One blogger event

If you've been a reader of mine for a while, you'll know this isn't my first time at the rodeo when it comes to blogger events for The Body Shop.

The Body Shop is definitely a firm favourite of mine when it comes to feeling like a pampered goddess, so I'm always up for a new product launch! Sarah, the Manager of The Body Shop Liverpool One, always knows how to put on a great event, and she definitely didn't disappoint!

I met with Danielle, Kayleigh and Sarah super early, so after a little catch-up, we were ready and raring to go (with a prosecco in hand, mind you).

The Body Shop Spa of the World

Sarah had kindly arranged for us to have a complete experience of the new products with hand and arm massages, facials and makeup demonstrations. First up for me was a hand and arm massage using the  French Grape Seed Scrub,  Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream and  Thai Makrut Lime Firming Oil, from the Spa of the World range. All three of these are part of their 'firming ritual'.

I absolutely adored these products, and my arms felt incredible after the massage. I love using coffee scrubs, but my main problem normally is that they just fall everywhere. This is part of a cream so you won't have an issue with it flaking off everywhere. They are a little pricey at over £60 for the three full-sized products, but they've just introduced minis of the cream and scrub at £7 for each. They're perfect for you to test out the product before investing.

The Body Shop Spa of the World

The Body Shop facial

Next up, it was facial time. I didn't wear any makeup, so I was the guinea pig. Here we tested out the new Ginseng and Rice toner, British Rose toner, Matcha Tea MaskTea Tree Night Mask, as well as items from the cult favourite Drops of Youth range.

I really did like the way the British Rose toner made my skin feel, but I'm not a fan of a rose scent at all. The unique gel texture makes it fabulously cooling, which is perfect for any irritated or sensitive skin. The Ginseng and Rice toner is fresh and brightening but dries out my skin ever so slightly. I do have dry skin anyway, so I use this with a heavy-duty moisturiser. This probably isn't the best product for my skin, but I just love the smell of it so much that I can't resist.

The Body Shop Facial

The Tea Tree Night Mask looks like Flubber. Like actual Flubber. Once you've done your standard night-time skincare routine, pop a layer of this on to your face and rub it in gently. It's cooling and combats any current (and pending) breakouts and imperfections. I'm prone to monthly breakouts thanks to my bullshit hormone levels, and I've found so far that putting this on nightly as soon as I even suspect that any giant mountains are looming makes a huge difference.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Night Mask

As much as I like the skincare from The Body Shop, I'm not at all interested in the makeup ranges. They've never really worked for me. So while everyone else was getting their face done, I went for a little wander around the shop.

A nice addition that I noticed was the personalised body butter station. If you're buying a full-sized body butter you can get your name on it for free, as long as you sign their petition against animal testing! I wasn't buying one that night, but I will be soon as I'm almost out of my strawberry one, and I will definitely be signing that petition because I'm not a monster.

The Body Shop Personalised Body Butter

The Body Shop Personalised Body Butter

As well as the fab goodie bags loaded with samples, I was lucky enough to win the raffle prize, which was full of the new product range! I gave Danielle the Matcha Tea mask and the British Rose toner because I'm such a good friend, but of course, I kept the rest for myself.

I'll report back after using the rest of the range for a little while longer to give you my verdict, but I'm sure The Body Shop wouldn't let me down!

The Body Shop Liverpool OneI had a brilliant night with The Body Shop Liverpool One, and I wanna say thank you to Sarah for arranging such a fab night! I'm so excited for the Christmas event, which I'm sure is going to be an absolute banger!

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  1. I love how much personality you pour into your posts, 'I'm not a monster' had me giggling! I'm so glad so many of my fave girls got invited to be pampered together, it meant that there was something to suit every one of you. I must remember not to wear Chloe perfume around you- it's a pure rose scent!

    1. Thanks Lyd! It was such a good night, and it's always fab to support a company that don't support animal testing! x