Friday, 15 September 2017

Frisky Friday: Teaserbox

I'm a massive fan of subscription boxes, and I'm (arguably) a bigger fan of sex. So when I found Teaserbox, a sex toy subscription box, I snapped one of these up for myself to investigate!

It was in the murky depths of Twitter where I found this little gem. Teaserbox is a monthly subscription box in which you get a monthly treat of a small range of sex toys. An interesting concept, to be fair.

Teaserbox Sex Toy Subscription Box

To subscribe, you choose the box you want. There are a few different types of boxes available, ranging from £15-£20 a month. For women, you can choose from 'straight' or  'lesbian', and for men, you can choose from 'straight' or 'gay'. If you don't want to commit, you can opt for a one-off 'Tasterbox', with all the same options.

I ordered a Tasterbox for a 'straight' female and waited impatiently for it to arrive. I was a little nervous because last time I was sent a package from another company, the package arrived all ripped with a vibrator sticking out of the top, and I didn't fancy that awkward conversation with security again.

It arrived two days after I ordered it, and came in a plain cardboard box. It was so discreet I wasn't even sure if it was my Tasterbox!

Kinx 'Thor 6' realistic vibrator

This was the biggest item in the Tasterbox. It's a fairly respectable 6", and takes 2 AA batteries, which aren't included. It's made of PVC, and weirdly veiny. I'm not sure how I feel about this really. The speed is controlled by a dial at the bottom that when twisted will take the vibrations from low to high. It seems perfectly fine, I'm just a little creeped out by the vein detail.

Teaserbox Sex Toy Subscription Box

Jiggle Balls

Next up was a set of small, weighted jiggle balls. I've never used anything like these before, and have only fairly recently even heard of them. They're used to strengthen kegel muscles, and I also assume for pleasure. I can't see myself wearing these just out and about, but hey, try anything once I guess.

Teaserbox Sex Toy Subscription Box

Minx Embrace Tightening Gel

I wasn't too impressed by this, to be honest. The instructions on the back say it is used to improve the elasticity of the vaginal wall by tightening it, but I'm personally not buying it. It's a muscle, and putting a gel on it isn't going to help tighten it. It then also says 'for external use only', so how does that help? It smells horrible, so I'm not at all keen on putting this anywhere near my vagina.

Teaserbox Sex Toy Subscription Box

Condom and Flavoured Lube Sachet

Well, I mean what can I say about condoms and lube that hasn't already been said?

Overall, considering the products come to a value of at least £30, I'd say a Teaserbox is worth the money. It's a very unique subscription box and one that I will definitely be trying again!

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