Sunday, 11 February 2018

Locked in Lizards: The Illuminati at Exit Strategy Liverpool

Map of the World in Exit Strategy

Considering Dave and I really enjoy escape rooms and spend most weekends in one, it was quite a surprise to us to learn that not only was there an escape room we hadn't even heard of, but it was right under our noses!

I've talked about my love of Breakout Liverpool and many others before, but we've had a little bit of a bad time of it lately. We lost Excalibur in Breakout Chester just before Christmas and it left us feeling a little deflated. We found Exit Strategy online, having never heard about it before or even seen it while we've been out and about. Exit Strategy has been in Liverpool since 2015, making it one of the first ever escape rooms in Liverpool! It even made Buzzfeed! After I had (mostly) recovered from my hangover from the Dirty Little Secret launch the night before, Dave and I headed over.

Exit Strategy Liverpool Entrance

Exit Strategy entrance staircase

Had it not been for Google Maps, I could've easily walked past it, as it has very little signage outside, and is a very inconspicuous entrance.

Exit Strategy is on Victoria Street, down a flight of stone stairs into the basement of the old Liverpool Magistrates Court building, which is definitely something to consider if accessibility is going to be an issue for you.

Exit Strategy Entrance

When we went downstairs, we were greeted by Nikki, who talked us through the backstory of our room, and even gave us a couple of complimentary beers and Cokes to get us started!

The room we chose to play was The Illuminati.

Reclusive conspiracy theorist Ziggy Roswell has gone missing!

No-one believed him when he claimed that the Earth is run by a cabal of shape-shifting intergalactic lizards. He claimed that they run the EU, NATO, the NSA, The Vatican, China, Russia. That they control every war, every uprising, all the intelligence services. That the moon is a hollow, reality controlling supercomputer, and that they use Wi-Fi to enslave the human mind.
No-one believed him, everyone thought he was nuts...but maybe he was onto something.
Enter his world, find out what he was working on. See what info he's left lasting around and eventually work out what's become of him.

I really enjoyed The Illuminati. The whole feel of Exit Strategy is a little rough around the edges and isn't as 'polished' as some rooms we've completed, but that's what I liked most about it. The room didn't rely on any bells and whistles but instead showcased genuinely good puzzles and a tense atmosphere. The was no music to accompany the room, which made it a little more immersive than previous rooms. 

Exit Strategy wall

We solved The Illuminati in under 50 minutes, but probably would've been sooner had we not gotten completely stuck on the last puzzle. As we finished a little early, Nikki was kind enough to give us a sneak peek of Nostromo, an escape room with no locks! She even told us a little bit about Exit Strategy's next venture - an escape room on a bus! 

Exit Strategy was £35 for two of us. I'm not entirely sure if they offer group discounts, as the price isn't on the website. Considering it was £17.50 each, it is one of the cheaper rooms we've done, but I'd venture to say it's up there with my favourite escape rooms in Liverpool. I'd definitely pay it again, and we plan to go back and play Nostromo. You can't really put a price on your freedom anyway, can you?

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  1. Can't believe I've walked past here almost on a daily basis and never noticed Exit Strategy before! And I love the idea of an escape room on a bus, that's bloody brilliant!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Oh my goodness! How did I not know about this place? I love a good escape room! I’ve been to Breakout before and we did Shipwrecked and I enjoyed it so much. We were so close to finishing but I definitely got bitten by the bug!

    Jackie O xo