Saturday, 31 March 2018

Warped at Breakout Liverpool *

Since Dave and I have done literally all the escape rooms in Liverpool, I was SUPER excited to be invited down to play Warped at Breakout Liverpool.

Warped is upstairs on the newest level of Breakout Liverpool's Sir Thomas Street's headquarters, alongside Vacancy and The Detective Office. The evening didn't get off to a super great start because protests in Manchester meant the trains were utterly fucked, so I had to sit (very impatiently) on a bus for nearly TWO FUCKING HOURS to get back from Warrington. Our game operator was amazing though, and waited for me to arrive, panting and sweating after a frantic run from the bus stop.

Your genius friend has been working on a new project, promising that it will change the way you view the concept of time itself! She reveals she has made her own time machine and invites you to take it for a test run. However, when you show up, she's nowhere to be seen and has left you instructions to help her recover the items she accidentally left scattered throughout history... Can you stop this butterfly effect before it destroys the future?

Without giving too much away, Warped was a lot different than their other rooms in terms of layout. Everything is incredibly linear and separated into different areas, which made it very difficult for the group to work on more than one puzzle at a time, which is normally how we'd tackle an escape room. It made for quite a stressful and frustrating hour because while half of the team worked on puzzles, I felt like I was just stood there like a lemon.

The soundtrack changed with each section, and the screen was integral to several parts of the game, which reminded me a lot of The Teleporter in Clue HQ Warrington. Some of the puzzles in this room were very inventive, and genuinely challenging. Although the room is a good size, I'd probably recommend teams of two or three, to make sure everyone gets a look in, and the areas can get a little crowded and overwhelming.

We did get very stuck in a few parts, but after a few clues from our very helpful game operator, we broke out with just under three minutes left!

Although I enjoyed Warped, Sabotage still sits firm on the throne of my favourite escape room in Breakout Liverpool. It's a solid contender, but Sabotage is just too good to beat.

(Disclaimer: I was invited to review Warped by Breakout Liverpool. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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