Monday, 23 April 2018

Why I prefer piercings to tattoos, and my advice to you *

If I had to choose between getting a tattoo or a piercing, I'd choose a piercing every day of the week.

My reason being that I'm incredibly indecisive. When I was 14, I wanted a Good Charlotte tattoo (cringe). When I was 16, I wanted a tattoo of a lily on both of my feet that had been drawn by a guy that I fancied. When I was 18, I wanted a tattoo of lyrics from my favourite Brand New song. I've only ever settled on a few designs as an adult, and finally took the plunge to get a tattoo I've wanted for longer than a six month period. 

I first got my ears pierced when I was six. I wanted my ears pierced for ages, because I always admired my Mum's beautiful earrings. I always wanted to grow up and get myself a pair of gorgeous designer earrings, much like these Vivienne Westwood earrings. I ended up fiddling with them so much that they got really infected and painful, and I had to take them out. I then got them them re-pierced a few years later, and they finally stuck. I don't remember when I got my ears pierced a second time, but the next big piercing I went for was my scaffold at 16. After that, I was hooked.

Over the next eight years, I got my conch, tragus (twice, and has closed over each time), rook, ear rim, nose and lobes (twice more) pierced. I've never ventured into any more daring piercings (I've been dying to get my nips done, but I'm scared to accentuate my saggy boobs), but I've always been an admirer. Call me a distant lover. 

Since getting my scaffold at a shitty piercing place in Widnes (that shall remain nameless because they are now closed), this hoe has remained loyal to Stigmata piercing in Liverpool City Centre. Resident piercer Yazz is absolutely amazing. She has the kind of energy that instantly puts you at ease, which is great considering a lot of people that go for piercings tend to be nervous as fuck

I wouldn't really consider myself a body modification connoisseur, considering my piercings are limited to my face and ears, but I only really have four pieces of advice for body piercing.

Find someone/somewhere you trust

Stigmata are well established in the Liverpool area, with regular clientele. They're clean, reliable, and are absolutely fabulous with aftercare advice. I went back with an issue with my nose piercing, and one of my ear piercings and Yazz was quick to put my mind and ease and tell me exactly what I needed to ask my Doctor for.

Don't fucking do it yourself

Unless you're a trained piercer, don't do it your damn self. You are just asking for a world of pain and infection. There are specialists that have gone through years and training for a reason. If you decide to be brave enough to pierce your tongue yourself and hit any major veins, you're utterly fucked. So please don't do it yourself.

Take care of it

Unless you want eighteen months of pain, I'd highly recommend doing at least some research before you go get any needles shoved in your face/body. Follow the aftercare advice, and if something doesn't feel right, it doesn't hurt to go back and ask for professional advice. Make sure you clean it, try and keep it dry, and for the love of God don't fiddle with it. My scaffold piercing took literally two years to heal because I didn't follow the aftercare correctly and I kept fiddling with it and catching it on things. Learn from my mistakes!

Do you have any piercings that you love? Any you regret? What advice would you give?

(Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with ODs Designer Clothing)


  1. I got my ears pierced when I was 17 and I used to love wearing earrings. But I found that some earrings didn't like me and after a few bad reactions where my lobe swelled up I had to let them close over. I've been tempted from time to time to get them done again but I have a super low pain threshold. I love how you can use them to help express yourself though!

    Jackie O xo

  2. I had a cousin who tried to pierce her tongue with a safety pin, and I like to measure my stupidity against that. Yeah, beeping at a row of cars stopped at a green light only to find they were parked was pretty dumb, but it wasn't safety-pin-through-muscle dumb!

  3. I've only got my ears pierced on the lobes, and I didn't get that done until I was 16 (very reluctantly!)

    Unfortunately I very rarely wear earrings and am forever having to try and re-pierce them!

    Francesca |