Tuesday, 1 May 2018

I've rebranded! Introducing Samantha Nicole

Welcome to my new(ish) humble abode!

In case you hadn't noticed, I've re-branded from Sabre Beauty to Samantha Nicole! It's been a long process. I think most of my broken links are fixed, and my DA is going to crash to the ground again, but it's done!

The Death of Sabre Beauty

Well, Sabre Beauty will never really be dead, but I have a flair for the dramatic. Back when I started blogging in 2015,  I didn't have a very clear vision. I loved makeup and puns in almost equal measure, so Sabre Beauty seemed the best way to go. Now nearly three years later, I've found my writing feet, and it doesn't necessarily always fit into beauty blogging. I still love the beauty industry, and will still feature beauty products, but now I can feature food and lifestyle a lot more comfortably, without being met with "But, your blog says beauty in the name, so why would you write about a bar?".

When I started blogging, I wasn't in a really great place in terms of my self esteem. I was terrified of what people would think about me if they found out I have a blog. Nowadays it's a point of pride, and I couldn't give a fuck if someone I know finds my post about Poundland Viagra. That post was hysterical, okay?! I'm much more comfortable as being seen as the face of my 'brand', if you will.

So, what's next for Samantha Nicole?

Fuck knows, to be quite honest with you. The idea is to throw myself into lifestyle writing again, and with re-branding, I wanted to bring some consistency to my blog. Nothing really is going to change (except all my social handles, and all your links to me. Sorry guys). I'm still going to write about whatever I want, but I feel much more comfortable approaching brands as myself, rather than under a bizarre pseudonym. Sabre Beauty may have been more punchy and identifiable, but after three years, it just wasn't me anymore.

It's absolutely worth mentioning that this wouldn't have been possible without the help of my friend Allie. She's an incredible graphic designer, and I would 100% recommend her! 

I hope you all enjoy my upcoming posts, and things I have in store for the future!

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