Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Florist Liverpool *

If you've ever had a drunken night at The Smuggler's Cove, or afternoon cocktails in the sun at The Club House, you have The New World Trading Company to thank. Following on from the roaring success of The Florist in Bristol, they've brought the most aesthetically pleasing bar I've ever seen to Liverpool.

It was a beautiful April night when we were invited to the opening weekend of The Florist.

Housed in the Old Blind School, The Florist is wonderfully bright and a breath of fresh air to Hardman Street. It’s hard to believe that it’s the same building, it’s a wonder what a lick of paint and hundreds of flowers can do to a place!

We were greeted with a Lychee Sour, which is just one of their beautiful, floral based cocktails. A favourite of mine throughout the weekend was the Salted Caramel and Almonds mocktail. Organic cacao powder, salted caramel syrup, almond milk and sea salt. It is an absolute DREAM, and it’s dairy free too, so my stomach wasn’t a total mess afterwards!

One of my favourite parts of the evening (besides the cocktails) was the floristry masterclass. Aintree’s Joseph Massie Flowers talked us through creating a small arrangement in cute little jam jars. I loved getting in, getting my hands dirty, and creating something beautiful. Our arrangements were full of tulips, one of my favourites of springtime. Maybe floristry is my calling. Who knows? 

Shortly after that, we took part in a beer tasting workshop. We tried a range of different beers and ales, ranging from pale fruity beers to rich dark ales. I gave it a good go, but to be honest, all lagers taste the same to me, and I’m not convinced. Give me a rum cocktail over a lager any day.

After a heavy night of drinking and catching up with friends, we were back for round two on Sunday. Starting earlier on in the day, we were treated to a full roast dinner with every trimming you could think of.

Me, Jackie, Sarah, Antonia, and all of our partners/friends/kids managed to squeeze into the private dining area. As we sat around the huge, round, black marble table, we all caught up over cocktails, mocktails and stacks of delicious food. The private dining area is perfect for a family dinner. It’s tucked away from the otherwise busy restaurant, and it does literally feel like you’re in there by yourselves. 

After my dinner of beef, roast potatoes, mashed carrot and turnip, and so much gravy that I could’ve had a little swim in it, I managed to squeeze in a white chocolate cheesecake. Everyone knows you have a separate dessert stomach, right? My only problem with the food was that my cheesecake was a little...wet? I’m not entirely sure why, but it was a lot squishier than I would’ve expected, and the plate was a little wet around it. It was still delicious, but when I go back, I probably wouldn’t order it again. 

I had very high hopes for The Florist, and they definitely delivered! From the moment I received my invite with pressed flowers, to the moment I left with my belly full on Sunday afternoon, I was impressed from start to finish. I'd highly recommend you visit if you get a chance, and deffo get your lips around a Peaches and Prosecco this summer!

(DISCLAIMER: I was invited to The Florist for the launch event. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, honest and my own)

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  1. Definitely the most Instagrammable bar in Liverpool, I had such a fab time at the launch weekend!

    Danielle xx
    Danielle Levy | Liverpool Lifestyle Blog